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SEO?  What is it and do I need it? – SEO is 0ptimizing your website to stay in better positions in internet search engine search engine pages. Among the first things you must do is constructing your site in ways that Googlebots or internet search engine bots can crawl it easily and index it. However, there’s a lot more to search engine optimization than simply Meta Data, Content optimization and constructing your site to make it internet search engine friendly.

If you’ve ever attempted to understand search engine optimization, or find out about it somewhere, you may have arrived at be aware of term of “backlinks”. In simple words, back links would be the links on other sites which point aimed at your website or blog. Google puts a sizable focus on authority links and ranks websites that have great deal of those quality back links or perhaps in simple words, editorial votes using their company relevant websites.

Google counts back links like a significant step to determine that website’s ranking searching results. Generally people know this and they’ve fueled a part of the search engine optimization industry that is generally known as as linkspam, where a company attempts to place numerous back links for their site regardless of context where the hyperlink is originating. Many website owners frequently employ various search engine optimization methods to improve the quantity of links pointing for their website. Some techniques cost nothing for use by anybody whereas some techniques like link baiting require a lot of planning and marketing. When “linkbait” is positioned, some connect with the ‘baiting’ website due to the data released is of utmost interest to numerous people.

You will find several factors that determine the value of a backlinks when starting your own penny auction.

Backlink building plays a substantial role in greater ratings which could get plenty of visitors to your cent auction so long as the incoming links for your site are acquired naturally. Many search engine optimization experts will explain how back links or backlinks are essential to obtain your site rated in search engines like Google. Backlinking is one the best strategies you can employ to rank your site higher in Google and really can’t be underestimated.

With the formula changes which have been happening in the search engines, to date, the function of back links as calculating factor stays in identifying the relevance of the site and it has continued to be unchanged. Back links are as essential as ever.

You will find many sites that offer 10,000 or say 20,000 back links for couple of dollars per week. Although it may seem best to obtain that many links, you’re creating ‘spam’ links from sites that are considered bad quality sites. This can only damage your pocketbook and is going to do nothing for the ratings. Should you get such links, there’s a 99% possibility that Google will treat your back links as ‘spam’ links as well as your ranking will plummet.

Gaining traffic to your penny auction is essential to the success of the business model. Performing SEO on your penny auction provides long lasting FREE organic traffic to your penny auction and increases the overall viability of your new penny auction website.

You can certainly go about creating back links on yourself and see success but we offer penny auction specific strategies and tactics for ranking penny auctions in the top search engines.  We can save you the time it takes to learn and implement everything needed for a successful SEO strategy.

Order our one of our SEO packages below to give your Penny Auction instant sustained traffic. When ordering you will be asked for specific keywords that you will want to target. If you are unsure what keywords you should target you might want to sign up for in order to check out what keywords your competitors are targeting and having the most success at.

Sites We Will Generate Incoming Penny Auction Links From:

Forums and Discussions – Forums related to your penny auction niche market.

Q & A Sites – AOL Answers, Google Questions and Answers, LinkedIn Answers etc.

Social Networking – Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Blogs– Blogs that relate to your niche market.

Video Sites – Youtube, Google Video, Vimeo

Guest Blogging Sites: –

Local Directories and Lists :-

Link Wheels From All Of The Above So You Dominate Google

Penny Auction Wizards, Penny Auction Wizards

BASIC SEO: 1020+ Quality Backlinks

Penny Auction SEO

Price:  $600 USD Purchase

PROFESSIONAL SEO: 4080+ Quality Backlinks

Penny Auction SEO

Price: $2200 USD Purchase

EXTREME SEO : 5440+ Quality Backlinks

Penny Auction SEO

Price: $3000 USD Purchase