5 June 2012
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Penny Auction Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate or Pay per conversion offers the greatest cost effective way to drive traffic to your penny auction. With this advertising model you only pay for signups and bid pack purchases.

The most successful penny auctions on the market are all powered by this form of advertising as it drives about five million hits of traffic to your site per day. Profits can easily reach in the millions per month using this type of strategy.

This package includes:

  • Introduction to Click Booth Representative
  • Full landing page with tracking page and admin panel

How it works:

Please view: http://ww2.1penny.com/index.php?cmp=emlun

This is a demo of the front page landing page.



Millions of hits are driven to your site from your affiliate marketers. They give you a tracking code which you create a new campaign and give them back the specially created link.

For example: http://ww2.1penny.com/index.php?cmp=emlun ßEMLUN is the tracking code.

All traffic driven to this exact link will be tracked in your admin panel.

Check out the demo here:


Login: admin

Pass: 123456


All campaigns can be tracked and you can easily see what your conversion rate is and what you owe your affiliates. This also prevents you from relying on affiliate tracking which can be inaccurate and prevents affiliate fraud (which is common) and could mean the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Price: $1200.00

With Custom Branded Landing Page: $2200.00

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